The Mob

by Kneeling In Piss

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released April 3, 2020


all rights reserved



Kneeling In Piss Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: The Mob
i watched the rain fall,
looking up from the street
narcissus, please quit frowning
quit frowning at me, please
i should have brought my umbrella
i should have worn my boots
white oxford shirt and a change of socks

paypig took off his jacket
michelle put on her coat
i was feeling sentimental
in the living room alone
i did not get up from my chair
until the lights came on

someone was knocking at my door
but i did not let him inside
i knew what he had hidden
in his briefcase on the side
AR-15, graduate degree
sir, don’t point it at me, please!

banned in ohio
banned in d.c.
back in USSR
back on little saint james
i find that which i oppose surrounds me
that which i oppose surrounds me
surrounds me, surrounds me

unsatisfied, the mob
no compromise, the mob
open your window they’re outside, the mob
unsatisfied, the mob
no compromise, the mob
open your window they’re outside, the mob
Track Name: High Desert
i was unsure
how i should pronounce
the names of the streets
we were walking down
a boulevard is a road
no one i know lives on
no one i know
no one i know for long

you couldn’t recommend
the desert enough
you closed your eyes and said
you still could see the sun
you were driving me home
your radio kept turning off
block after block
it kept turning off
it kept turning off
Track Name: Song About Dating
don’t talk so loud
my head is killing me
don’t act so cool
please take off your sunglasses
your house is so messy
my apartment is so clean
you act so friendly
i act so mean

but don’t leave so quickly
don’t go so soon
don’t leave me here all alone
with my hands
in my pockets
for something to start changing
for these long and listless
lazy days to come through

i don’t need friendship
i don’t want anyone
to hold my hand at the theater
at the cafe, at the park, in the sun
the sky looks so pretty
you look alright
but look at the sky
it’s so pretty
Track Name: Stop Practicing Your Instruments
i’ve been trying to understand
the difference between
my reflection in a mirror
and my image on a screen
they look so similar to me

i’m looking for a better
way to occupy my time
rock bands aren’t interesting
somebody change my mind
they sound so similar
don’t you think?

everything familiar
everything out of sync
an object observed long enough
will start to lose its shape
until it’s all colors and noises
all out of place

i heard your song again
last night playing at the bar
i recognized the melody,
electric guitar
someone was yelling
from the back of the room at me

stop practicing your instruments!
stop renting out the practice space!
don’t repress the cassette tape!
nobody listened to it anyway!

stop practicing your instruments!
stop renting out the practice space!
your instruments, your instruments!
stop practicing them, please!

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